Home Locksmith Service

Tomilson Locksmith provides full range of locksmith services from industrial, automotive, commercial, and residential. We have a team of locksmiths who are experts for residential locksmith services, where they service homes, apartments, condos, mansions, and bungalows. Like many people, our home is the most worthy asset we ever have! For this reason, it is crucial to make sure its security so that you and your loved ones can feel safe.

Tomilson Locksmith can supply your home with locks having enhanced security functions. We are specialised in installing euHome Locksmith Servicesro cylinders, high-security locks, patio door locks, roller shutter door locks and many more, according to the choice and budget of the homeowners. Locks with advanced features are better if you and your family prefer to have a complete security when you are out of country, and have lots of valuable things in your house. We can also provide you with a free security audit for your home, and it is best to take advantage of that if you want to upgrade the security of your house.

Besides from improving the security of your home, Tomilson Locksmith also offers many other locksmith services that can be useful to you. If your locks are faulty and it take a longer time to open them, then you can get them replaced within no time. We can even repair or re-condition your damaged locks and damaged keys if possible. Many professional locksmiths also throw in a free key, just as a courtesy for your business!

What’s more! If you have been a victim of robbery or lost your keys, we can change your locks to ensure that they are strong enough to resist or withstand attack, can even change the keys of your locks without changing the locks!