Locksmith Services

Finding the right locksmith is crucial during emergency times. We can be a great help if you are caught in unexpected situations where you need to go places you do not have any access to.
Either you need to get into your house, office or vehicle, our locksmith can get through even the toughest locks system. Furthermore,24 hours emergency locksmiths like Tomilson Locksmith provides locksmith services 24/7 as locksmith problems happen in inconvenient hours of the day or night. If you are hit with a locked out vehicle in the middle of the night, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

How Can We Extend Help?

Password Recovery
Blocked or forgotten passwords can be a big issue, but this can be easily solved when you hire a locksmith service. Emergencies like unlocking password, Tomilson locksmith’s expert can either retrieve your password or make up a new one.

Lock Change / Lock Repair
Fitting and changing any type of lock yourself is a risky thing to do, especially as you could be mistakenly putting your property or loved ones at risk of burglary if you fit the wrong lock or fit the right lock incorrectly.

If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks ( or window ) on your house/apartment/flat/bungalow or new business premises then Tomilson locksmith will be able to help you in fitting a replacement lock. Should you have just moved in a new home the first thing you should do is change your door locks. You may also want to upgrade your locks to upgrade your security systems comply or need to change the locks due to damage.

Lock Rekey / Master Key
If you have lost your keys for residential or commercial, Tomilson Locksmith can always assist you to do a lock rekey instead of lock change. A lock rekey is to change the combination of your current lock to ensure your lost keys is useless to open your current lock. By doing a lock rekey, you can still use the lock without having to throw it away (NO WASTAGE) and rekeying is definitely the more affordable option. Please take note that this method can only be applied to certain lock systems, not all. You may contact us for more information.

Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open one lock. Master keying manages access to particular zones while having one master key that give entries to all zones. We supply master keys for residential and commercial in which there are a number of compatible locks.

Tomilson Locksmith recommend that you ask yourself these four important security questions before rekeying your locks:

1) Do you know who has keys to your locks?
2) How many people will you be giving keys to?
3) Do you care if those you give keys to can get duplicate keys made?
4) Do you need to know who opens a lock and when?

Car Lock Out
Car lock-out cases, employing a car locksmith service like Tomilson Locksmith is your speedy and smart solution. Emergency car lock out usually causes your loved ones to distress. A car lock problem can be disturbing to driver and their passengers, to make it worse when it occurs during a car accident. Either car lock is struck or there is no way to unlock the vehicle from the inside. This is the right time, a locksmith can be made use to unlock the door in an safe way.

Professional locksmith like Tomilson Locksmith are well-trained and highly-skilled. By hiring the locksmith services of Tomilson Locksmiths to resolve any emergency locksmith situations, you are guaranteed to give access your property with minimal damage. We apply different techniques to open different types of locks safely.

Safe Opening
When opening safes our locksmith would look to use picking or manipulation methods if possible to minimise damage and allow the continual use of the safe. In our experience, the most common problems experienced with safes resulting in our call out, include:

• Integral fault within the safes door or lock.

• Lost or misplaced keys.

• A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safes lock.

• The detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe.

• The key will not go into the safe.

• The key goes into the safe but does not turn or only turns so far.

• The safe key is difficult to turn.

• Lost safe codes or combinations.

• The safes electronic lock has locked the user out.

• The safe batteries are flat.

• Something inside the safe is jamming the operation.

24 Hours Emergency Service

Are you locked out of your car, unit, house or office? We can get you back in with our 24 hour emergency locksmith service. The unexpected can happen sometimes. You may accidentally lock your keys inside your house or car, your keys may have been stolen, or your house may have been broken into.
Whatever the emergency, Tomilson Locksmith can help you. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a fast and efficient emergency call-out service throughout Singapore.

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